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I was not well for a long time without even realizing it. For a long while, I told myself that this is normal…to be stressed, unhappy at times, frustrated, etc. I was depressed and didn’t even know it. It was because I didn’t want to believe that I had any problems. I had PMS and I denied that too. Here I was taking care of people this whole time with these issues, but that was for others, not for me. Perhaps I just didn’t want to do something about it, because I told myself I don’t have time for myself; I was too busy taking care of everyone else.

I was out of balance. I was out of alignment. I felt powerless. I chose to become a
physician. I chose to become an OB/Gyn. I chose to get married. I chose to have 2
kids. I chose to work. I chose all of these things and from the outside it all looked

perfect. But yet I was dissatisfied and struggling internally. I knew that something
was not right, but could not figure it out with my “super” rational/analytical mind.

Today I choose all of the above things but now it feels right, challenging yes, but
perfect and I welcome the challenges with joy and excitement. I no longer question
myself or my abilities, because I am choosing to live a more aligned life. Living my
life with a purpose – to help others live their life in alignment too, thus empowering
them to be the fabulous amazing beings that they truly are.

In my opinion and by my own experiences, if one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual
aspects are in balance or functioning optimally, then our physical body will also be
in balance and harmonious.


So, how do we get one to be in balance on all 4 levels (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical)?


Good news is that one can work on all the levels simultaneously. Each level is intermingled with the others, thus working on one affects the others. For example, if you exercise regularly, then you are more likely to have a healthier diet. If your thoughts are uplifted and positive, then you will have more self-love, thus you will care for yourself more and this will lead you to exercise and have a healthy diet. If you meditate, you will gain more internal power to overcome the animal instincts in yourself, be more reasonable, more responsive (than reactive), etc.

Everyone is entitled to health, wealth, and a life of joy! You just have to want it and
work for it. The problem is that most want it but not enough to work for it. But the work you have to do is so very worth it, as the return from this work is priceless --
transformation of oneself (growth and expansion of the whole being). The world is
waiting for the authentic YOU. But, are you ready to meet your authentic, amazing
Self. This guided self-work (Coaching sessions with Dr. Suman L. Tewari) will help
lead you to your authentic Self, which already exists, it is just hidden at the moment.

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My desire for you is to be well again, to feel alive and thriving, living life on your terms. I cannot heal you, but I can and will guide you to your own healing power and well-being.
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